My secret affair with writing

If business and entrepreneurship are my main pursuits, writing is my secret affair--conducted on the sly in stolen moments. While I'll probably never pursue my writing full-time, I'll always be a writer.

Current published works

In addition to my various blogs, I've also written guest posts for TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and Mashable.

Previous published works

My SitePoint Column

I wrote a monthly column on entrepreneurship and self-employment for SitePoint, the umbrella company that began in 1997 with

The Disciplined Marketer

The Disciplined Marketer appeared in ClickZ from 2001 to 2002. This bi-monthly column tackled the subject of bringing discipline to the practice of online marketing. Since it's difficult to limit my interests to so narrow a topic, I also strayed afield to cover issues in other areas of entrepreneurship, including a series of interviews with Silicon Valley CEOs.

The Harbus (1998-2000)

"In Their Own Words" (interview series), Editorials

The 27th Annual HBS Show (2000)

STARt-up WARS, Episode One: The Venture Menace (co-written with Rod Harl, Brian Karpiel, David Krieger, Jeff Kutash, and Erik Larson)

The Mind's Eye (1994-1995)

Fiction, Poetry, Photography.

The Stanford Daily (1992)

Humor Column

Thanks and Dedication

I would like to thank many people for encouraging and improving my writing. First, I'd like to thank Berkeley Blatz for instilling a sense of structure and the writing discipline. Without those two skills, I could never have written anything.

Special thanks go to the late Harold Connolly for taking a chance by letting me attend high school as a precocious 12-year-old, and always encouraging me to aim high.

I'd also like to thank John L'Heureux, Gil Sorrentino, Susan Weinberg, Rick Hillis, and, of course, Gay Pierce of the Stanford Creative Writing Department for many years of generosity.

Finally, I'd like to thank my mother Grace, my Auntie Janie, and the rest of my family for their unconditional support. I may not have become an English professor like you wanted me to, but I think I turned out all right.

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