Here’s a thought-provoking article on the impact of television on Bhutan (AKA “Shangri-La”). In 1999, the Dragon Kingdom decided to allow cable television. Four years later, “Becks and Posh” (Britain’s celebrity soccer player and his wife, one-time Spice Girl Victoria Adams Beckham) are the most famous people in the country, and kids are wearing do-rags. Crime is on the rise, and tongues are wagging.

Of course, the vast majority of people would never want to go back to the days before television. Which raises the question, if people are going to choose the road to perdition over the high road, would we be better off not giving people the choice?

Hell no.

This is the same kind of crazy troll logic that says that people were better off under Communism. Freedom and choice have their cost, but in the long term, they are absolute goods.

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