Here’s some more on localized dating services, from former Internet millionaire/activist/Santa Cruz resident Thomas Leavitt:

“I like Friendster’s attempt to create a digital analogue (request

introduction, make a match) to the real world.

If I were to do a dating service, I’d dispense with the detailed surveys and

profiles all together, and replace them with IM and attempts to get people

in the same place at the same time in a non-artificial way.

The success of HotOrNot’s “meet me” feature shows that people don’t need

much information at all to make a decision about whether they are interested

or not.

What I envision:

It’s Friday night… I go check out the web site, see what cool events are

happening in my area, and see who is planning to be where (or, even better,

who is already there)… if I see that Jane is going to be at Club

Polystyrene in San Francisco tonight and that she’s single and interested, I

send her a message and say, “hey, I’m going to be a Club PS tonight as

well… do you want to hook up for a beer or something?” or “Hey, I’ll be

there as well. If you see me, come on over and say hi.” Jane will be able to

take a look at my profile, decide if I’m cool or not, and then drop a line

back say, “Hey, cool, sure.” or “Sorry, doesn’t look like you’re my type.”

Alternatively, Jane will have indicated a tentative interest in two or three

venues, and you’ll be able to do the same thing, only saying, “Hey, I was

thinking about hitting Club PS tonight, I saw that you’re also interested,

but only if you have a date. Message me back if you’re interested, ’cause

I’m in the same situation. If Club Gyro is more to your liking, I can do

that too.”

If you’re already out, and bar hopping, you can pull out your PDA, check out

the list of clubs in your area, see what cute chicks or hot guys are in the

hood, maybe IM one of ’em and say, “Hey, this is Joe. We talked before, a

bit online. I’m out here in SF, and I see that you’re hanging at Mickey’s.

I’m on my way over there now. Wanna hook up when I get there?”

Or, simply…

Joe and Jane are hanging out at the same bar. Joe IM’s Jane and says, “Hi.”

Jane peeks at his profile, and then says, “Buzz off.” or “Hi backatcha.

What’s up?” blah blah… and it goes from there.”

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