I had lunch today with Ray Conley, which is always a mind-expanding experience (in a perfectly legal way). Unlike me (a fallen intellectual who has succumbed to cognitive laziness, and, coincidentally, gone from technical work to business), Ray still thinks big thoughts, and visiting him is always fun.

We projected today’s technology trends into the future, with the following result:

1. Storage + Moore’s Law + 20 years = PCs that are more powerful than the human brain.

2. Bioinformatics + Moore’s Law + 20 years = Complete knowledge of your personal genome, what you’ll die of, plus how to fix it.

3. Nanotechnology + 20 years = The ability to assemble any material object from a template or plan.

The result? When we’re old, we’ll be able to know when our time is up, transfer our neural configuration to software, upgrade our OS, and download it to a new, improved, genetically enhanced body.

Of course, it’s one thing to predict this kind of thing; it’s another to sign up for the beta test!

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