I Know It When I See It

A new set of studies shows that, surprise surprise, Internet pornography is still going strong. In fact, there are now 260 million pages of pornography available on the Web.

In contrast, the Library of Congress contains a paltry 18 million books. I guess we have our priorities straight (or queer or bi, as the case may be)!

July alone say the addition of 28 million pages of porn. Meanwhile, another source estimates that 1/8 of all Web sites and 1/4 of all search engine requests are pornographic in nature. 2.5 billion pornographic emails go out every day, or an average of four for every Internet user in the world.

Chris Wu, Director of Yahoo! Mobile, reports that 1/2 of all searches conducted from mobile phones are pornographic in nature.

Yet as disturbing as all of these trends are, perhaps the most disturbing is that the average “session time” for a visit to a pornographic Web site was just under 5 minutes. I tell you, sometimes this stuff just writes itself!

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