When do children become finicky eaters? I was definitely a picky eater as a child. I refused to eat many common food items, including:

  1. Eggs (because my mom used to put raw eggs in my milk)

  2. Strawberries (because I was afraid of the seeds)

  3. Hamburgers (because I didn’t like ketchup or mustard)

  4. Fish (except for tuna fish; my aunt once paid me $10 to eat one bite of steamed cod)

  5. Mushrooms (I’m not sure why)

When we went to McDonalds, I refused to eat anything except french fries and Filet-o-Fish buns with tartar sauce. When we went to Chinese restaurants, I’ll I’d eat would be the chow mein.

In contrast, in just the past few weeks, Jason has eaten:

  1. Various Indian curries

  2. Chicken Marsala

  3. Fried Calamari (especially the tentacles)

He pretty much eats anything as long as it’s meat. Will this adventurous eating continue?

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