The First Swallow Returns?

A hearty “Adventures in Capitalism” congratulations to Sam and Theron of Neoteris, who just sold their company to NetScreen for $265 million.

Theron and I met because our wives were friends and roommates at Harvard as undergrads, and Sam and I met when he came to speak at the Founders Forum (Theron was sick that day and had to cancel).

What’s interesting is that Sam and Theron founded Neoteris in mid-2000, after the crash. Just 3 years later, they managed to sell the company. Could this be the first sign of the economy’s return to vibrancy? Sure, Google and will produce boffo IPOs, but they were started during the height of the bubble. Neoteris is a creature of the post-bubble era, and its success bodes well for the future.

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