America’s Most Clueless

Patrick Conroy, the assistant principal of L. C. Mohr High School in Michigan, was certain that one of his students was a drug dealer. The only problem was, the police could never catch him.

So naturally, Principal Conroy decided to plant marijuana in the student’s locker before the police conducted a random drug search. Unfortunately, K-9 Officer Herbie did not find the drugs, despite Principal Conroy’s best efforts, which included repeatedly leading Herbie and his handler past the locker in question.

In frustration, Conroy complained to the police, “I know this isn’t or wasn’t ethical, but remember the last time you did a drug search? I put marijuana in [the student]’s locker, and the dog missed it.”

Needless to say, Conroy has resigned his position and is now under police investigation. No word on whether officer Herbie has been sent back to drug-training school.

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