So many things to say, so little time….

I think it’s a hoax, but here’s a article on a Web site that claims to provide outsourced blogging services via Chinese freelancers. Alternately, you could just let a robot blog for you.

In yet another sign of how the virtual world is spilling into the real one, Sony has named a winner in its EverQuest lookalike contest: Anna Wainscoat, a model from Sacramento, CA. I’d make some sort of insulting joke about Anna being the only babe in Sacto, but then they might ring their cowbells outside my bedroom window.

Of course, if you’re looking for real-world babes, you might try using HotMaps, a mashup of HotOrNot and Google Maps.

If that fails, just create an entire Web site asking your favorite celebrity out on a date. Sadly for this fellow, he selected the lovely and presumably selective Natalie Portman. I think you’d have better luck with “” Is anyone else frightened that Tommy Lee is Courtney Love’s Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor? Talk about the blind leading the blind…

If virtual babes aren’t your speed, how about a virtual talk show? This talk show, which takes place inside XBox Live’s Halo 2 servers, combines talking heads with computerized carnage.

Just remember, where there’s virtual adultery, there are virtual private eyes. Apparently, Second Life “widows” and “widowers” have paid money to online detectives to determine if their mates were committing virtual adultery. Sounds like a growth business to me!

Ever wonder if you or your boss is a psychopath? Take this quiz, and find out. I scored disturbingly high…but that might not be a surprise to the folks who work with me!

Now this is consumer generated media I can use. The Grocery Game taps into the army of couponers out on the Internet to find the best specials. It would be cool to come up with other possible CGM moneysavers.

Tired of the Foo Bar controversy? (And if you don’t know what that is, I guess you can’t sit at the cool kids table…) Take Bill Grosso’s advice and actually get something out of it.

He’s not ambiguously gay…he’s totally gay. This exhibit of watercolors shows Batman getting in touch with his latent homosexuality. All nude, tastefully done.

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