Political Roundup: Framing, Schools, and Free Trade

Political Roundup: Framing, Schools, and Free Trade
Remember our previous discussion of framing? Here’s a great example of Kiwis who understand the importance of sticking to a message of differentiation.

Some of the contrasts as simply perfect, like “Which School?” which contrasts “We decide” with “You decide.”

As usual, this effective framing is being done by the conservative party. Maybe we can call this pattern, “Democratic Party Disease.”

Another perennial, which we covered back during the McClintock Modest Proposal debate. Here, Ben Chavis, the principle of the American Indian Public Charter School in Oakland, writes about how he has been able turn around this small school for low-income students and make it one of the top performers in the state.

Chavis has many things to say which certainly attract attention. He lambasts his fellow Democrats for putting their emphasis on culture and self-esteem rather than simply teaching the basics. He blasts his fellow school administrators for spending all their time at conferences rather than running their schools. But most importantly, he points out that he has achieved better results than other public schools while spending almost 20% less money.

“It’s ludicrous to ask parents for money when I believe schools get more than enough money. Oakland spends about $8,500 per child. I spend about $6,000 per child and I outperform them.

You can never give public school administrators enough money. We don’t need more money. We need public school administrators who can manage money.”

This is certainly the sort of thing that I like to hear. Now can somebody tell me if there’s any catch to what he’s done or been able to accomplish?

Free Trade:
Will wonders never cease–celebrities in favor of free trade? Good lord, what’s next, people speaking out in favor of globalization? We can dare to dream….

2 thoughts on “Political Roundup: Framing, Schools, and Free Trade

  1. Jame Moor

    I think Ben Chavis of American Indian Public School should be in charge of California Public Education. The guy runs a successful school, does not blame parents,teachers or ask for more money to improve education. He must be a new breed of democrat in California.

  2. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Satanist….I’ll support anyone who delivers results. Well, maybe not the Satanists.

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