I’ve already written a lot about how we’re entering an entrepreneurial age. But this Trendwatching article does a great job of providing a comprehensive rundown of some of the factors driving the rise of “minipreneurs.”

Top down and hierarchy are so last millenium. Today, the grassroots are the real foundation.

Yet another great example of this is Y Combinator. For a mere $6,000 per entrepreneur stipend, plus some administrative support, Y Combinator got a 5-7% stake in a wide variety of cool ventures. Assuming that the 10 teams each had two members, that’s $120,000 for a 5-7% stake in 10 different startups. And not only is it a great investment now, it’s a great investment in a future relationship with the rock stars of tomorrow.

As I’ve said many times, Paul Graham is a genius.

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