Marc Andreesen is bald, and I’m old

Marc Andreesen is bald, and I’m old
About a year ago, I was at a dinner honoring Steve Jobs. At my table was a prominent venture capitalist (I’ll leave it to the reader to guess which one I’m talking about) whom I had met several times before.

“Man,” he said, “Steve looks OLD. It’s just sad. Especially because we’re the same age. That means I’m OLD.”

I had the same reaction today when I saw a video with Marc Andreesen. Remember Marc, the boy wonder who co-founded Netscape? It seems like only yesterday that Marc was the original dot com poster child.

He’s now bald. While the photo in the story I read was too small, I think you’ll get the impact from looking at this picture.

Holy crap. And if Marc is old, then I am old.

Guess I’ll have to start wearing my trousers rolled now!

3 thoughts on “Marc Andreesen is bald, and I’m old

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff… 30’s the new 50

  2. Does that make 50 the new “dead”?

  3. Ahh yes… I acknowledge my mistake. Please reverse those numbers. Or better yet 35 is the new 20. Although we are getting more youth focused in tech (27 year olds are veterans) in the human experience we are prolonging our lifespans and steadily pushing the limits of our use… So in terms of business you will be gaining more of a revered status and therefore more advisory and interesting opportunies originally reserved for those old fogies my dad’s age. But in life you are getting as much time left as a 20 year old had 50 years ago.

    End incredably long winded explanation.

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