Shiny Happy Republicans

Shiny Happy Republicans
The Pew Research Center just released the results of an extensive telephone survey on happiness. The results? After a lot of statistical analysis, the people who are most likely to be happy are….healthy, wealthy, church-going, married Republicans.

Rather than being the party of angry white men, the Republicans are actually the party of cheerful optimists.

“That analysis shows that the most robust correlations of all those described in
this report are health, income, church attendance, being married and, yes, being
a Republican. Indeed, being a Republican is associated not only with happiness,
it is also associated with every other trait in this cluster.”

The people who are least likely to be happy? Unhealthy, black, single parents. Alas, while these unfortunates can’t do much about their race, health, and parental status, I suppose they can always start going to church and voting Republican.

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