Star Trek Dating Site Offers New Hope

In a world of niche dating sites, it’s nice to see someone tackling the underserved market of hard-core Star Trek fans.

After all, without any new Trek movie premieres to sleep out for, where is the passionate Trekker going to find a mate?

On most dating sites, being a 5’4″, 210 pound, 47-year-old man with an income of less than $25,000 per year would mean certain doom, but on TrekPassions, friends like aldeygirl and vixi can help him get a life.

I kid because I love. After all, I can name almost every TOS (that’s The Original Series, full of Shatnerian glory) episode–there but for the grace of circumstance go I!

And all joking aside, this kind of niche dating is a great business model. If you can identify another such audience, you could build a pretty nice business.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek Dating Site Offers New Hope

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  2. Andy

    The topic is ok. But I don’t think hot girls like this site while they can meet a lot of rich men on other sites like

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