When I graduated from Stanford in 1995, I had a chance to work at what I thought was my dream job, designing products at IDEO. Instead, I took a leap into the unknown by jumping into the world of internet startups.

I didn’t make this choice based on money or fame. I was simply following the core principle that has driven my life and career: Choose the most interesting choice. Years later, I codified this principle in my personal mission statement, which my friends and later co-authors Ben Casnocha and Reid Hoffman wrote about in their book, The Start-Up of You:

“I help interesting people do interesting things.”

Over the years, following this mission has led me on an interesting path, from entrepreneur to investor and finally to author and speaker. I’ve worked with hundreds and companies and entrepreneurs, and even after nearly 25 years, the primary criteria that shapes my decisions is, “What choice will let me work with the most interesting people on the most important opportunities?”

If you’re passionate about what you do, and you’re trying to have an impact on the world around you, I want to help.