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We live in a world of constant change. And whether you’re trying to get to the top, or trying to stay on top, you need to continually adapt and transform yourself and your business.

Blitzscaling: How To Build The Companies of Tomorrow

Blitzscaling is the canonical way to build the world-changing companies of tomorrow. Startups can apply its lessons to grow into enduring market leaders in record time. And grown-up companies can leverage its principles to transform their businesses by maximizing their breakthrough opportunities.

In this fast-paced and entertaining talk, Yeh explains the core principles of blitzscaling, helps audiences understand whether or not they should apply blitzscaling to their businesses, and educates them on the key transitions and counterintuitive rules of blitzscaling. This talk can be customized to focus on startups, established companies, or even NGOs and policy-makers.

The Alliance: The New Employer/Employee Relationship

The world of work has changed. Few, if any employees expect to spend their entire career at one company. And yet, we still expect them to pretend otherwise. It’s time to get honest with each other, and stop thinking of employees as family or free agents, and start thinking of them as allies on a tour of duty.

In this wide-ranging talk, Yeh explains why the current employer-employee relationship is broken, and how, paradoxically, admitting this truth and being honest with employees builds greater loyalty and longer job tenure. Audiences learn both general frameworks and specific techniques to recruit, manage, and retain entrepreneurial employees.

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