But I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

I’m busy using Overture’s search term suggestion tool to figure out how to sell systems management software. To test it, however, I tried a few more basic terms, which shed quite a bit of light on my fellow Internet denizens.

“Sex” appears to be the big winner, with 3,961,438 searches last month. It is no big surprise to note that “hardcore sex” is next on the sex list, with 532,568 searches. It is surprising that “world sex” beat out other such contenders as “amateur sex” and “free sex” for the #3 position, with 532,000. Who says globalization isn’t working?

“Britney Spears” is another winner, with 2,246,813 searches, far outdistancing “Christina Aguilera” (580,058 searches) and “Madonna” (315,326 searches). At least Christina beat “hardcore sex” and “world sex!”

On the other hand, even Christina couldn’t beat the might “MP3,” which accounted for 1,727,390 searches. “RIAA” meanwhile, registered 120,083 searches, even fewer than “Kobe Bryant” (189,874 searches)

Sadly, all of these figures easily left the Peace (34,981 searches), Love (452,235 searches), and Understanding (1,633) in the dust, proving that on the Internet at least, vice is more appealing than virtue.

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