Just Because

I was reading an article in BlackAmericaWeb about Omarosa of “The Apprentice.” In it, various people, including the dean of Howard’s School of Communications, who is on Omarosa’s dissertation committee, seem to accept Omarosa’s claims that she was the victim of malicious editing, and that she handled herself with dignity.

Dignity my ass!

To call a woman lazy, just because she’s black, is racism, pure and simple.

To say that you can’t call a woman lazy, just because she’s black, is just as racist.

I can’t imagine the difficulty of being a black in America, and having to deal with a legacy of racism and prejudice that is still very strong. On the other hand, cheering on an ex-athlete who brutally murdered his wife doesn’t seem like a good way to combat that racism and prejudice.

If I were black, I’d find it insulting that people saw a cruel, malingering, untruthful, emotionally unstable Omarosa as a role model for black women in the world of business.

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