Fahrenheit 9/11

I’m not an overtly political person, so I will restrict my comments to the following:

1. I’ve enjoyed some of Michael Moore’s work (having Steven Wright ask a bishop whether Satan will triumph over good was a stroke of genius), but it is clear that he prefers broad targets that he can lambast with ease. Nothing wrong with that–those are my favorite targets as well.

2. It’s clear to me that much of Michael Moore’s critical acclaim is politically motivated, just as is much of the criticism leveled against him. Which you believe largely depends on your political beliefs.

3. Overall, the reviews of the film are mixed. Yet you can count on the intense controversy surrounding the film to guarantee strong box office.

The irony here is that both “The Passion” and “F911” were blacklisted by the major studios for being controversial…only to to have that controversy make them more commercially successful than the vast majority of studio releases.

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