I finally caught the new Eminem music video, Mosh. You can thank my 5-month-old daughter, whose desire for warm baby formula results in my watching television at 3 AM while I feed her.

Regardless of your political beliefs and whom you support in today’s US Presidential election, I think you should see this video.

It is an outstanding example of an artist who actually uses his art to make a statement (in this case, that those who oppose the Bush Administration should get off their duffs and vote).

In contrast, I also saw some footage this morning of some kind of concert/political rally with Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, and the Dixie Chicks singing some sort of protest song.

To me, this is another example of everything that is wrong about entertainers trying to make political statements (as the South Park boys have so wonderfully lampooned in Team America: World Police).

If you have something to say, let your art say it, not your fame. If you really care about the election, make your own movie, write your own song, or do something original. Don’t just offer a celebrity endorsement.

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