What a day…a lot of interesting news of note. I’ll get right to it:

I feel incredibly old.

Apparently, young people in South Korea think that email is for old fogies, and only use it to communicate with the geriatric set.

Why is there a stem cell controversy?

The Koreans are busy today. Doctors in South Korea used stem cells to allow a paralyzed woman to walk. She had been wheelchair bound for 19 years; within three weeks of beginning treatment, she was able to walk.

Also, note that the stem cells used were from umbilical cord blood. It is unconscionable that we don’t have a universal cord blood bank here in the US. I would have gladly donated my children’s cord blood had that option been available. Moreover, there could be no controversy since cord blood has no relationship whatsoever to abortion.

Harvard MBAs as a stockmarket indicator

Consultant (and HBS grad) Roy Soifer has gotten a lot of press by pointing out that the percentage of HBS grads that go into finance is a near-perfect contraindicator for the stock market. In other words, if lots of HBS grads go into finance, sell!

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