Busy day, but these were too good to pass up:

Star Wars landspeeder on sale on eBay.
The explanation for the sale is almost better than the product itself.

“Please Help! I have to sell the Landspeeder because I’m building a full-size mockup of the shuttlecraft Galileo used in the original 60’s Star Trek series. But Punkin’ says there’s only room at our house for one sci-fi vehicle. Punkin’ says it’s either one vehicle or the other! Thus, I have to sell my beloved Landspeeder. If you buy this Landspeeder, it will keep Punkin’ happy and I’ll be able to finish the shuttlecraft Galileo which is currently under construction in my driveway.”

Penis models wanted.
Words fail me.

Paris Hilton’s Sidekick notes published on the Internet.
In case you ever needed Lindsay Lohan’s cell phone number.

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  1. Justin K

    There’s Mark Cuban’s number too for those who are looking for startup funding.. LOL

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