“Podcasting is so 2004”

This just in from Om

PSP Video 9 can convert any video (including BitTorrents) into a PSP-readable format. PSP Video 9 will seek out your favorite shows and movies (either from your actual TV, or from the P2P networks) and load them onto your PSP for your viewing enjoyment.

This is the next logical step in the conversion of life from a broadcast paradigm to a feed subscription paradigm. First RSS converted reading into a feed. Flickr converted photos into a feed. Podcasting converted radio and music into a feed. Now PSP Video 9 converts televistion and movies into a feed. By my count, all that’s left are taste, smell, and touch.

Will we all someday subscribe to sensory feeds? Will adult entertainment go interactive and open source? Will people be able to make money by including product placement in virtual vacation experiences? Will I ever get tired of asking these questions?

The answer, of course, is yes.

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