I Have An Audience

I was mildly surprised when I checked Bloglines this morning and saw that I had 10 subscribers. Okay, one of them is me, but still interesting nonetheless.

After all, if Bloglines represents 1/3 of the RSS market, and RSS represents 1/2 of the blog audience, there might be 60 people out there reading this!

If you are one of these people (and naturally, you must be, natch), feel free to write in and I’ll post your message to Adventures in Capitalism!

Anyways, now that I have an audience, I feel very guilty about not posting enough content. To make up for it, I’ll post my summary of an oldie-but-goodie, “The Millionaire Next Door.”

2 thoughts on “I Have An Audience

  1. I didn’t know Bloglines shows the # of other bloglines subscribers…I have 24 bloglines subscribers, but my RSS stats show ~125 subscribers plus 100 visitors a day to the site. What’s interesting about the whole stats thing is the number of comments left on blogs. If my stats are accurate, I haven’t received any comment or email from 90% of my readers. On other more popular blogs, like Feld Thoughts who has 2,000+ RSS subscribers, only a couple comments for each post…

  2. I wonder if the same ratio applies to this blog….

    If Bloglines only represents 1/5 of subscribers…I’m more popular than I thought.

    As for why there are so few comments, think about how many posts you read per day. Then think about how many comments you write. The ratio must be something like 500:1 for me. And you and I are probably among the more active commenters!

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