Holiday Roundup: Negotiations, Brain Boosts, and Scary Soda Facts

Holiday Roundup: Negotiations, Brain Boosts, and Scary Soda Facts

Tom Evslin has a great posting on how he learned about negotation tactics from one of his first managers. I particularly like lesson 4: “Negotiation is not debate.”

The New Scientist has a neat little article on steps that you can take to boost your brain function. Not surprisingly, eating right, exercising, sleeping, and keeping the brain busy are all key techniques. But there are also some interesting tidbits on future drugs and other science fiction techniques.

Just in case my previous posts on the unhealthy American lifestyle haven’t scared you enough, new research shows that the majority of American adults get more calories from soda and other sweet drinks than any other food source. As for me, I plan to live by the old jingle–“Water: the best no-calorie drink in all the world.”

1 thought on “Holiday Roundup: Negotiations, Brain Boosts, and Scary Soda Facts

  1. Justin K

    “SKIMPING on sleep does awful things to your brain. Planning, problem-solving, learning, concentration,working memory and alertness all take a hit. IQ scores tumble”….

    yet the article starts out with the statement that “with the help of modafinil, sleep-deprived people can perform even better than their well-rested, unmedicated selves. The forfeited rest doesn’t even need to be made good.”

    So basically the advice is, never attempt an all-nighter unless you have some drugs in hand? 😉

    Scary thought tho… because now people who can afford the drugs (or are willing to take the risk) will now seemingly be “one up” on the general populace.

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