So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

I first met Alex Chan when I got involved with SDForum. We met at the 2002 holiday party. Little did I know how much I’d be seeing of Alex in the future.

After that, we kept meeting at different events–at the Computer History Museum, at CSPA events (where he was president). It quickly became apparent to me that Alex was really on top of things.

Alex helped me out many times, both in connection with SDForum, as well as on other matters. He was always available to talk, and made countless introductions for me. Given the responses that I got, it’s clear that the folks he introduced me to shared my high opinion of him.

I just heard that Alex is leaving the Bay Area. As usual, he’s making a bold and visionary move–he’s going to be the director of Microsoft’s Shanghai R&D campus. I’m sure that history will record that this was one of Bill and Steve’s best decisions.

Along with the rest of the folks at SDForum, I want to thank Alex for all of his contributions and wish him well on his new adventure!

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