Yay Capitalism

Yay Capitalism

Here’s today’s capitalism quote of the day, from TheAgitator by way of Coyote Blog.

“Critics of capitalism once predicted that free markets would wreak mass starvation, depletion of resources, pollution, and death.

They’re now reduced to bitching about too many flavors of toothpaste.

We’ve won the debate.”

Now both are responding to this seemingly innocent editorial from the New York Times on the ridiculous number of different toothpaste variants in your average drugstore.

After reading the editorial, I do think that my libertarian friends are being a bit oversensitive. I don’t think that saying that there are too many flavors of toothpaste is the same as being against individual choice.

Indeed, one can argue that we don’t need 99 varieties of toothpaste when a single variety of Crest would do.

However, once you cross the line and start mandating fewer or no choices (as with the public educational system), that’s a very different story.

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