Giant Robots, Hillary Clinton, SNL, and knowing when to spin

Giant Robots, Hillary Clinton, SNL, and knowing when to spin

Another potpourri posting today–no time for more:

Chicks Dig Giant Robots (or at least my wife does)
We’ve had dueling volcano movies, dueling comet/asteroid movies, and now dueling giant fighting robot movies. While the Transformers have “more than meets the eye” going for them, none of those robots ever got to shout, “Form blazing sword!”

Hillary, You Ignorant Slut
Steven Johnson, the high priest of low culture, tears Hillary a new one for her blatant and ill-considered attempts to jump on the “evil video games” meme sparked by the Hot Coffee mods to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Don’t worry Hillary, at least you can still marry off Chelsea for a dowry of 40 goats and 20 cows.

Live from New York….
In case you ever needed to look up an SNL sketch to quote around the watercooler, this site offers a searchable database of user-submitted transcripts. Now you can really feel old be re-living the days when you were in college and SNL was still good. (Hint: Every graduating class from 1975-2005 says exactly that.)

“First we have to decide what the right thing to do is; then we’ll think about the politics.”
The always insightful Tom Evslin offers this little anecdote from his time as Secretary of Transportation for Vermont.

I think it’s a great illustration of the importance of putting first things first. We’re often tempted to do things because of what other people will think or say. That’s the nature of reputation–it depends on the outside world. But if we do what we know is right, that is a matter of honor. Honor is what you think of yourself, and no amount of good reputation is worth throwing away your honor.

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