The Secret Sharer

The Secret Sharer

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Feinleib, who is doing his MBA at Stanford.

Have you ever had one of those experiences where everything just clicked?

It turns out that Dave and I are the same person. We’re both 30 (though I look older, thanks to the grey hair I’ve developed from raising two toddlers), both entrepreneurs, we’ve both worked in the enterprise software space, we’re both interested in Web 2.0, and we both want to do the same thing with our lives: To create new businesses and teams.

We’ve even been thinking about the same business ideas. We each have a list of business ideas that we’re hoping to get the chance to pursue, and by wild coincidence, we both have the same idea at the tops of our lists.

There are some differences (I’m taller, Dave doesn’t have kids) but I’m looking forward to talking more in the future. Who knows? Maybe someday we’ll open a startup factory together.

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