Takeru Rides “Three Way” To Victory

Takeru Rides “Three Way” To Victory

International Federation Of Competitive Eaters champion Takeru Kobayashi steamrolled his way to an unprecendented 5th consecutive world hot-dog eating title.

I’ve been following Takeru’s career since his first upset victory, and the 27-year-old has proven a champion for the ages, taking on all comers around the world.

Takeru has always been an innovator; his first title was sparked by his invention of the “Solomonic” technique of snapping hotdogs in half and eating them two at a time, easily beating the previous state-of-the-art, “Japaneseing,” which consisted of eating hot dog and bun separately, which had, in turn, replaced the good old-fashioned American technique of simply being a fat bastard and eating as quickly as possible.

This year, Takeru took things to the next level with the “Three Way,” stuffing three dogs into his mouth at once.

My favorite line of the article comes at the very end:

“For the record, 49 hot dogs contain 15,141 calories — a week’s worth — and 33,517 milligrams of sodium, two weeks’ allowance.”

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