The Forgotten Half Of Changing My Mind

The Forgotten Half Of Changing My Mind
Seth Godin writes about the peculiar process of changing one’s mind. Seth points out that changing one’s mind (what Seth calls “the flip”) is a discontinuous process, and that unless you are open to the change, will rarely happen.

“Being right isn’t the point. Being right and being persuasive don’t seem to matter much either. Being right, being persuasive and being with the right person when that person is pre-disposed to change their mind… that’s when things happen.”

Interestingly enough, this ties in perfectly with one of the books I’m reading, The Forgotten Half of Change. In it, Luc de Brabandere writes about how changing reality is only one half of change. The other half is changing the perception of reality.

The Internet putters along, with mainstream media calling it, “the CB radio of the 90s.” Almost overnight, it becomes the Next Big Thing. Was there a massive jump in Internet usage from one day to the next? No, but there was a sudden change in perception.

To change reality, you have to change minds.

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