When there’s too little time for lengthy posts, it’s time for another edition of Link-O-Rama!

While I want to live forever, perhaps calorie restriction isn’t the way to go. This quote sums things up perfectly: “What a trade-off: Feeling hungry your whole 80+3 years, or just enjoy your meals and die at 80.”

Why is Snoop Dogg beloved by the street and Street alike? Somehow, Snoop has managed to rake in huge mainstream endorsement bucks while maintaining his street cred. How is it that a convicted felon who is an avowed drug user and who makes pornographic films can also be a mainstream pitchman for Chrysler automobiles? And how is it that a man who has put his name on everything and lives in a mega-mansion is never accused of selling out?

I think it comes down to this: Snoop is authentic. He lives the way he wants to live, without being bound to any stereotypes of what a rapper, businessman, filmmaker, or football coach should be. And in an age of irony, we respect a man who says, “WTF,” and does what he feels like doing.

Real women yes. Real men no. An unfortunately offshoot of the wildly popular “Real Women” ad campaign for Dove beauty products is this un-beauty shot of the tight-whitey clad members of Ogilvy’s Düsseldorf team of admen.

The lesson here is that women and men like to look at women, and women are sexy regardless of whether or not they subsist solely on a diet of celery. Men on the other hand, are pretty ugly unless they’re professional models.

Speed is creativity. With apologies to Jackie Fisher (and hopes that this credo holds more true than Jackie’s famous “speed is armor” quote), the redoubtable Kathy Sierra writes about the power of shutting a bunch of people in a room and asking them to build something (a screenplay, a game, an album) in 24 hours. As Kathy points out, the key is that A) the speed forces you to suspend your inner critic and simply do, and B) the cameraderie and close quarters let you feed off each others’ energy.

After reading her post, I was eager to find an opportunity to do my own hack-a-thon.

Why collect baseball cards, when you can collect scientist cards? I wonder how much a Stephen Hawking rookie card is going for?

Just in time for back to school, it’s Klingon Fairy Tales. My favorite is “Goldilocks Dies With Honor at the Hands of the Three Bears,” though I’m disappointed that the list does not include any actual Klingon words.

Just in time for back to school, it’s a new drug that offsets the effects of sleep deprivation. Boy, I could use a case of that!

Jason Bateman was great in “It’s Your Move but this Jason Bateman is pretty good at writing quizzes. Try her 3 Variable Funny Test to see how your sense of humor stacks up. I’m ashamed to admit that my “Spontaneous/Vulgar/Light” triad classifies me in the Jimmy Kimmel/Johnny Knoxville category. Noel Coward I ain’t.

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