Man Forced To Have Sex At Gunpoint

Man Forced To Have Sex At Gunpoint

This story cries out for commentary.

So this guy is walking along when three young women in a maroon BMW ask for directions to the Savoy Hotel.

He gets into the car and leads them to the hotel, where they persuade him to join them for a drink.

After that, they ask him to lead them to another hotel.

Along the way, they drive him to an empty field. One woman brings out a gun and holds him at gunpoint. The others disrobe and take turns having sex with him. Presumably they switched off when it was time for the gunwoman to have her turn as well.

When they were done, the women drove him back to the main road and dropped him off.

The interesting thing is that many people, including me, have the typical response: “Hey, what’s wrong with having sex with a couple of young women? Besides, if you joined them for a drink and were taking them to another hotel, you were probably hoping to get lucky anyways.”

Yet imagine if I told the same story again, but switched the genders. Would there be anyone who didn’t see it as a clear case of rape?

I find it interesting that most of us still adhere to a double standard.

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