There Is No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

There Is No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

The Deal has an interesting article on Tim Draper of DFJ, and how he uses his outrageousness and risk-taking to help his firm achieve success.

Tim and his firm are like Dominican hitters in baseball. Dominicans have a saying–nobody walks off the island. Dominican hitters focus on swinging at the first pitch that looks good, rather than playing it cool and waiting for the perfect pitch.

Tim and DFJ are similar. They swing for the fences, and they swing constantly. They may strike out a lot, but they connect often enough to be successful.

Different people have different personalities. If you don’t like risks or self-promotion, Tim’s strategy isn’t going to work for you. Personally, I like taking swings, and I admire Tim’s willingness to look ridiculous in pursuit of the big win.

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