The Thin Line Between Love And Hate

The Thin Line Between Love And Hate
Another great post from Kathy at Creating Passionate Users. In it, she points out that in order to have truly passionate users, you must inspire both love and hate.

“The most popular and well-loved companies, products, and causes have the strongest opponents.”

When you have succeeded in creating truly passionate users, their passion will be so strong that it will piss some other folks off. And Kathy’s message is that being hated is okay.

To be loved and hated is good. To be trapped in the zone of mediocrity is bad.

This insight is a bit uncomfortable for me, since I try not to be hated. Does that mean I’m doomed to the zone of mediocrity?

But then I consoled myself with the thought that I probably have lots of secret enemies that hate my guts.

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