Applying Entrepreneurialism to Katrina

Applying Entrepreneurialism to Katrina
Entrepreneurship is going to become the dominant way of life in today’s “Flat” world, and that’s a good thing.

Entrepreneurs focus on getting things done, regardless of how difficult the environment or how scarce the resources.

Entrepreneurship is about bottom-up, it’s about local action, it’s about how small is better than big.

Startups are entrepreneurship. Blogs are entrepreneurship. And the outpouring of private rescue efforts for the survivors of Katrina are entrepreneurship.

Fred Wilson said it well:

“The one thing we don’t need is the government trying to manadate what needs to get built and hiring some company that was formerly run by the Vice President to do it. I think we can take care of ourselves a lot better than the government can. If anything, the past week has shown that to be true now more than ever.

Technologists/geeks/hackers whatever you want to call us are human beings and are impacted like everyone else by this terrible disaster. Our reaction is to fix stuff and make it better. And we will do that. I am sure of it.”

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