Product Idea Of The Day: Handsfree Computer Interface

Product Idea Of The Day: Handsfree Computer Interface

What if you put together the following?

1. Glasses-mounted display
2. Eye movement tracking
3. Wireless keyboard based on finger movements

Connect everything up via Bluetooth or WiFi.

You view your PC screen using the display. The tracker determines where the cursor goes–just look at the menu in order to move the cursor there. Then just use some control to click. It could be based on finger or hand movements, or maybe based on a noise, like clicking your tongue.

I think it could be done today with off-the-shelf technology. Anyone aware of such a product? I could really use it!

3 thoughts on “Product Idea Of The Day: Handsfree Computer Interface

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Chris,

    Something like this was done in the late 90’s at Stanford, with the goal of helping quadriplegics surf the web.

    The technology was later commercialized at Eyetools, in terms of “eyetracking” (analyzing reading patterns of web sites in order to improve their effectiveness).

    Curiously enough, Greg Edwards, the CTO of Eyetools, will be speaking at the Emerging Technology SIG ( tomorrow night.

    Why don’t you stop on by and see how plausible your idea really is?

    Bill Grosso

  2. Curiously enough, I was thinking of eyetools when I posted.

    The other founder of Eyetools, Colin Johnson, was a classmate of mine at Stanford.

    But I haven’t asked Colin or Greg if this is possible. Perhaps you should!

  3. Anonymous

    Why should I? It’s your business idea. And, anyway, it’d do you good to get out of the house and come to Emerging Tech (I didn’t see you at Founder’s Forum the other day).


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