From Tiny Acorns….

From Tiny Acorns….

Cool article from microISV on CDBaby. The company started with 10 CDs, and when someone placed an order, the order details were emailed to the founder, a professional musician. Today, the indie music service has sold over 1.7 million CDs.

“When I started CD Baby in 1998, I didn’t mean to start a business. It was just a little website I through together as a favor to some friends. I hardly knew HTML.

As it grew, I realized I needed to create a server-side database-driven website, but couldn’t afford a programmer.

So – I went down to the bookstore, got some books on PHP and MySQL, and threw myself into it.”

Like writers, entrepreneurs sometimes feel daunted by the seeming impossibility of reaching one’s ultimate goals. But every big company started as a small one, with founders that probably weren’t any smarter than you.

To borrow a phrase from basketball, my favorite sport, you miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take. Take your shot. If a musician with no training could end up coding a massive e-commerce site, you should be able to overcome your own obstacles.

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