18-Year-Old Mayor Shows Anything Is Possible

18-Year-Old Mayor Shows Anything Is Possible
On Thursday, Michael Sessions, an 18-year-old high school senior who lost when he ran for Vice President of the Student Council, was elected the Mayor of Hillsdale, Michigan.

Sessions, a write-in candidate, beat the incumbent by 2 votes.

And they say that one vote never counts.

While this may just be a bit of offbeat news, I think it shows that people are more willing than ever to embrace change. Here’s what one respectable citizen had to say:

“Here’s this kid talking about how there are grants to help towns like ours attract biotech companies,” said shop owner John Spiteri, 49. “I’m friends with Doug [the former mayor and owner of the town’s ice skating rink]. He’s taught my kid to skate. But people here are hungry for anyone who can pump life back into this town. I had to vote for Mike.”

I see this as part of an overall trend where people are increasingly willing to ignore the inner voices that say, “that’s not how things are done,” and just go for it. And I like it.

I only wish that I had realized this at an earlier age, like Hizzoner, Mayor Sessions.

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