I really like this new blog from ex-Google marketing guy Doug Edwards. He’s an ex-journalist who writes well, is very concrete, and tells good stories.

I always wish that I had gone to Google’s launch party in 1999 and joined the company. One of my old buddies was employee #2 (now retired, and living in Tahoe), and I had an invitation to attend. Perhaps if I had gone, I would have realized that they were up to something special and joined up.

While doing so would certainly have been lucrative, another, ultimately more interesting reason is to take part in something special.

Make no mistake, I would love to have a ton of Google money. It would make life a lot easier. But I also regret missing on on the feeling one gets when everything is coming together, and you truly feel like you’re changing the world.

There are only a few companies that have been able to provide that feeling. You can count them on one hand: Microsoft, Apple, Netscape, Google. Those who were there at the beginning are fortunate in more ways than one.

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