Fun Is The Killer App

Fun Is The Killer App

I believe in fun. Fun tells us when we’re on the right track. It tells us when we’re following our true passions. And it just feels good.

This year, people have been emphasizing the tremendous value of having fun in our lives. Let’s hope it continues in 2006.


Kathy Sierra reminds us that fun is the killer app. If you love your work, balance isn’t as big an issue.

Douglas Rushkoff also picks up on the theme of fun:
“Instead of relentlessly pursuing survival even after our survival needs are met, we must learn how to do things because they fulfill us— because they are, in a word, fun. Fun is not a distraction from work or a drain on our revenue; it is the very source of both our inspiration and our value. A genuine sense of play ignites our creativity, eases communication, promotes goodwill and engenders loyalty, yet we tend to shun it as detrimental to the seriousness with which we think we need to approach our businesses and careers.”

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