Everything is a prototype

Everything is a prototype

“Try to view everything you’re doing, instead of being done and finished, as a prototype that is constantly in flux and changing, especially in the case of management.” –Bob Sutton

Professor Sutton of Stanford has a great post about the need to look at life as a prototype that can be constantly changed and improved.

I agree 100%, and recommend you read the article, which also shows just how cool David Kelley (the design guru, not Michelle Pfeiffer’s husband) is. When his company, superstudio IDEO went through a reorganization recently, folks were a little nervous about being shaken out of their routines. To illustrate the embrace of change, the day of the company-wide meeting, he shaved off his trademark Groucho Marx mustache and said, “Just like my mustache, it can grow back.”

Incidentally, David Kelley was my college advisor…let me tell you, if I came out of the shower naked and saw him without his mustache, I would run and wrap myself in a towel as well.

1 thought on “Everything is a prototype

  1. Sound advice for all aspects of life as no matter how polished anyone thinks any part of their life or work is there is always room for improvement.

    I would say if we stop trying, we start dying but that sounds just as cheesy typed out as it does when I said it out loud. It does seem to fit though.

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