Rock Crushes Paper

Rock Crushes Paper
Say what you will about Ashton Kutcher, but he is a reliable and innovative purveyor of trashy television.

Most people know about his cruel but funny celebrity hidden camera show, Punk’d, where he puts the rich and famous in difficult situations to see how they react. (Incidentally, Seth Green and Matthew Perry are both utterly unflappable. Seth Green I would have expected. But Matthew Perry?)

Mr. Demi Moore also has another show, Beauty and the Geek, which pairs nerds and cheerleaders in a competition where the outcome depends on the cheerleaders’ mental capabilities and the geeks’ social skills.

The first episode of the second season featured a host of hilarious moments (including the first time one of the geeks has his profession listed as “Dungeon Master”), but the best was when two beauties played rock-paper-scissors for the right to select a geek as their partner. After one chose rock and the other paper, both stood up to make their choice before the rock-chooser was corrected by her brethren. “Oops,” she said, “I thought rock crushes paper!”

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