PersonalDNA: Benevolent Idealist

PersonalDNA: Benevolent Idealist

I ran across PersonalDNA on Fred Wilson’s blog. Fred’s an Animated Leader, while I am a Benevolent Idealist.

What’s interesting about PersonalDNA is that others can also rate you, so that you can see if your own perceptions and those of your colleagues differ.

Of course, to do so requires you to take the test yourself (lost of nifty AJAX widgets). Can’t escape from viral marketing anywhere, I guess!

If you want to rate yourself and rate me, you can follow this link.

2 thoughts on “PersonalDNA: Benevolent Idealist

  1. That is very cool…

    I am a genuine builder

  2. Justin K

    I’m a Cautious Analyst.

    BTW those widgets are just “Dynamic HTML aka DHTML”. AJAX stands for Asynchronouse Javascript and XML which normally manifest itself in pages where the page content updates itself without the need of a page refresh… and in this case, there was none of that.

    BUT yeah Web2.0, AJAX, Collaborative Web blah blah blah.. they are all one and the same, big fat bubble all around pretty little widgets 😉

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