VC Insanity, Part Deux

VC Insanity, Part DeuxEpinions called, and its wants is business model back.

PowerReviews Seals $6.25M Series A For Product Reviewing Service

By Clancy Nolan
2/23/2006 – With
$6.25 million from two well-known venture capital firms, PowerReviews has
launched a Web-based portal for consumer reviews of products ranging from shoes
to housewares.

2 thoughts on “VC Insanity, Part Deux

  1. I think I read this business plan. It said: “We’re going to do exactly what epinions did without spending any money on advertising or hiring more than 20 people.”

    At least, I hope that’s what it said…


  2. Justin K

    On the surface it does look like epinions part II, but on closer inspection, it looks interesting… sort of like Adsense Reviews for e-commerce sites.

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