Blogging Is The Next Frontier In Sports

Blogging Is The Next Frontier In Sports
In the past few weeks, the LA Times’ Lakers Blog has been experimenting with live blogging from Laker home games. The Times’ designated bloggers attend the game and blog while the action is going on. Readers at home go in and comment on the blog as it is being written.

Here’s an example from the Laker’s big win over the Pistons.

The result is very raw but very compelling. Every sport should do something like this. Even more, I think that this sort of interactivity should be built into television broadcasts. Rather than the stupid online and text message polls that they run, why not scroll a crawl of live blog comments along the bottom of the screen?

Has anyone else seen something like this? Digerati liveblogging from a conference limits true participation to those in attendance. But anyone can watch a game on TV!

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