Frickin’ Bloglines

Frickin’ Bloglines

Love the service, but it drives me nuts that if I accidentally close a browser window or hit back or do anything else, I lose all the posts I’m reading, with no easy way to recover them.

Why doesn’t Bloglines just do what NewsGator does, and require you to click a “delete all posts” link before it gets rid of them.

I just lost several days worth of interesting reading!

1 thought on “Frickin’ Bloglines

  1. Although it does not work successfully everytime, when you have that problem go back to where you are reading and click “last session” under the “Display items within the last “

    when my firefox crashes or I close by mistake then the last session option is a solution!

    having said that, it does not always catch all the posts and your ideal solution would be a good feature.

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