Friends Don’t Let Friends Lose Data

Friends Don’t Let Friends Lose Data
A couple of months ago, I started using a free backup service called Mozy. It automatically makes an offsite backup of my files each night. You get 1 GB of storage for free, 2 GB if you are willing to let them send you the occasional email (they haven’t sent me any emails yet).

No one ever wants to lose their files, and everyone knows someone whose life ground to a halt because of a laptop crash. Mozy lets you stop worrying without having to pay anything.

Now why am I shilling for them? Well, I do love the service. Heck, I even wrote about them without any inducements. And now they’ve added a referral program so that for every 4 people you get to sign up, you get another 1 GB of free storage.

So if you don’t already have an offsite backup solution, I strongly urge you to check out Mozy and to sign up with my referral code to thank me for pointing out this cool solution.

2 thoughts on “Friends Don’t Let Friends Lose Data

  1. I can’t wait for to release their sync (i’s always a few days away) so I got Mozy’d 🙂

    Right now as I write it, it’s busy completely redoing a backup of directories that haven’t been touched for ages though … have you experienced this?

  2. This is the response from Mozy support:
    “this was a bug in a slightly older version – please upgrade to 1612 and you should work for you.

    download the latest (just install over your current version, your settings will be preserved)

    Glad to hear it’s fixed – am also amazed though, the distinction between full/incremental backup is a fundamental feature in any backup program…

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