If You Don’t Want To Be A Parent, Don’t Have Kids!

If You Don’t Want To Be A Parent, Don’t Have Kids!
There are a lot of reasons to dislike Britney Spears. The crappy songs. The crappier television appearances. The amazingly crappy husband.

But this takes the cake. Apparently Ms. Spears is under investigation by child welfare officials after a hospital found that her son, Sean Preston, had fractured his skull in an accident.

No parent is perfect. Lord knows, I’m not. But here are the details:

  • Seven-month-old Sean Preston reportedly suffered a hairline fracture of the skull after falling from a baby chair on March 31
  • He was in the care of his nanny. Spears and Federline were in Dallas at the time.
  • Sean appeared unharmed but Spears took him to hospital a week later, saying he seemed to be sleeping longer than usual.
  • A CAT scan revealed Sean had suffered a “minor skull fracture and a blood clot”

First of all, what kind of parent leaves their 7-month old to jaunt off to the big D?

Second, what kind of parent, after hearing that their baby had fallen out of a chair and hit his head on the ground, fails to take him to the doctor UNTIL A WEEK LATER?

Christ, people, I know that a kid is a big inconvenience. But so does everyone else. If you don’t want to make the sacrifices to be a mom and dad, JUST DON’T DO IT!

Maybe it was an honest mistake, but given her last stunt, where Britney drove off with her baby in her lap, rather than in his car seat, AND GOT CAUGHT ON CAMERA, I’m not inclined to give this stale pop tart the benefit of the doubt.

1 thought on “If You Don’t Want To Be A Parent, Don’t Have Kids!

  1. Well, I once (while a teenager) babysat an infant the minute he came home from the hospital.

    His mom had the child because her hubby wanted one.

    Sure the child lacked for no material goods but I saw him more than his parents.

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