Making Hay

Making Hay
Today, I went to go visit Jeff Clavier of SoftTech Ventures. Jeff, who recently moved into a new office along with the Edgeio crew (no man crush jokes, please), has been leading a whirlwind existence, snatching just a few hours of sleep per night.

As the old expression goes, you’ve got to “make hay while the sun shines,” and with the success of Jeff’s work with Truveo, and his seeming Midas touch, the sun is certainly shining brightly.

But while making hay may be good for the bank account and RapLeaf reputation, it can be awful hard on a fellow. Heck, unlike swinging single guys like Auren and Mike, Jeff has a wife and kids. I have to admit, in his situation, I’d be tempted to take a little more time off.

The same holds true for many of my other friends, who are running all out in a race against…well, the pace of life itself. With Internet time well into its second decade, the pace of innovation just seems to keep increasing.

What do you think? When your professional life is going well, is that the time to put the pedal to the metal, or to take advantage of your leading position and ease up on the accelerator?

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